State Government To Install Back-Up Power Plant Before Summer

"Long-Term Solution"

State Government To Install Back-Up Power Plant Before Summer

The State Government has announced plans this morning to install a back-up power plant at Holden’s Elizabeth factory as part of a long-term solutions to South Australia’s energy problems.

The Weatherill government has invested in nine General Electric generators that will run on diesel fuel over the next two years before moved and run on gas at the new state-owned power plant. 

The Advertiser reports the generators will be tested monthly but will only be turned on when required.

Premier Jay Weatherill says the new turbines will deliver a long-term solution to the state’s energy issues.


“The absence of a coherent national energy policy has led to a crippling of investment in new energy generation, this has left us vulnerable to shortfalls — like the load shedding event in February,” he said.

“This solution will deliver more generation capacity than originally planned, while emitting less carbon pollution than Torrens Island Power Station.”

The costs of the plant will be met under the previously announced $550 million energy plan.