What Did Our 20k Kick For Victory Winner Get Up To Last Night?

Hint: He Definitely Didn't Just Get Home

What Did Our 20k Kick For Victory Winner Get Up To Last Night?

Ahead of yesterday's Showdown between the Crows and the Power, Triple M listener Sean had the chance at kicking for $40,000.

Not trusting his boot in the wet, Sean opted to go the shorter option and kick for goal from 20m out, for a cool $20,000 in stead - and our mate Forbesy dubbed it straight through the middle.

Triple M Adelaide's Roo and Ditts caught up with our winner this morning to see how he spent his first night $20,000 richer and it turns out he'd only got home from the casino an hour earlier!

"It's alright, we're happy, we're good," Forbesy told Triple M.

"I've got $20,600 - so I'm up!

"I had my mate's Jim, Dazza and Benno and we headed out to the cass that night and just sat around the roulettes and went around the Grand Stand Bar there."

Forbesy revealed the 40K Kick For Victory had given him some new found fame, telling Roo and Ditts that people were approaching him for autographs all night.

"The amount of people who wanted to see my calves was just unbelievable!" he told Triple M.

After claiming yesterday he'd spend the $20,000 on some new Ugg boots and toothpaste, Forbesy revealed some more astute plans for the cash this morning.

"I'll chuck a couple of grand in the little girls account," he revealed.

"And I think we'll put a bit into the shack out at Blanchetown, I think.