40th anniversary of the Royals 1977 visit to Albany

Locals reminisce about that special day

40th anniversary of the Royals 1977 visit to Albany

Picture: Albany Advertiser archives

29th of March 1977 is a day many locals will never forget. Albany was alive with thousands of people gathering at the airport and on York Street in town to greet Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip during their visit to Albany for the 150th anniversary year celebrations. 

I wasn't around for the 77 procession, but as witnessed in 2015, when Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall stopped by, Albany turns on the magic whenever there is a royal visit.

During the visit in 1977, the royals officially opened the Brig Amity replica, which stands proudly on Princess Royal Drive and I spoke to one of the men who helped construct the replica in the 70's, Peter van de Brugh.

Sue Lefroy from the Albany History Collection spoke about the Royal itinerary in 1977 and some of the places they visited while they were here.