Locals given chance to voice airfare concerns

Inquiry heading to Albany soon

Locals given chance to voice airfare concerns

For a while now, we've heard about how it's cheaper to fly overseas or interstate than within Western Australia. And with the mining boom well and truly over, we're still paying boom era prices.

Whilst there are still some concerns locally, they have eased in the past year and a bit with the introduction of Rex Airlines to Albany and there have been some initiatives to encourage air travel to between the South Coast and Perth.

But there are still concerns, so an inquiry has been set up to give passengers around the state the chance to have their say and ensure that air travel can be more affordable.  With a parliamentary committee due to report on the matter later this year, locals in Albany can have their say on August 29.

City of Albany mayor Dennis Wellington checked in to Triple M to talk about the inquiry and how Albany is placed compared to other regions in WA.