One thing that annoys me about camping

Some of us are responsible

One thing that annoys me about camping

So over the holidays I went camping.

It's been a while.

Once you go, you want to go again and again.

I ended up at Bluff Creek a few weekends ago with the family and it was nice to get away from phones, running water and too many lights.

We caught 25 herring, I contributed 3!

But one thing annoyed me about camping.

It wasn't the rain, or the flies or the wind.

It wasn't laying on a hard surface for a couple of nights or the sand in my tent.

It was the rubbish!

The rubbish that others have left behind. And you know what? It's disgusting.

People go off the beaten track to get away from it all and some inconsiderate trash heads ruin the area for the rest of us by littering and not taking their rubbish home with them.

It certainly spoiled the beauty.

So the next time you head away, take your crap home with you. Or you may never have somewhere to head away to again!