Sounds of Albany

Incorrect guesses here!

Sounds of Albany

It's the sound that has the city talking!

The Sound Of Albany!

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To help you along, here are some incorrect guesses so far


Kim – Bowling ball in a bowling at the Albany Bowling Alley


Pam – Gavel going down at Snowball Auctions


Garry – Hitting a tennis ball in a closed area in Albany


Jacko – Hitting a tennis ball at Lawley Park Tennis Courts


Pam – Golf ball being hit at InSwing


Steven – Bouncing a basketball at Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre


Pam – Hitting a cricket ball at the Indoor Cricket Centre


Sheryl – Starters gun at Athletics track


Sheryl – Using a badminton shuttlecock


Brad – Whacking a hockey ball into the back of the net at the hockey courts


Anne – Skate board at Snake Park


Brad – Roller Skates at Roller Derby at ALAC’


John – Gavel at Albany Courthouse


Rob – Chopping block at butcher’s shop


Brad – Cricket bat hitting the floor at the sports centre


Julien – Pool ball falling in the pocket


Linda – Can of drink coming out of the machine at Chester Pass Lunch Bar


Here is the sound

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