Superintendent Dom Wood speaks to Triple M

In regards to long weekend infringement

Superintendent Dom Wood speaks to Triple M

I, like many others were shocked last week to hear revelations of a speed camera operator being let off a speeding fine for being 30 kilometres an hour over the speed limit in an 80 km/h zone. You don't have to be Einstein to work out that that would mean a huge fine and automatic loss of licence.

At the time of the news being revealed, I said heads should roll if it was found that there was any wrong doing or reports of favoritism.

Great Southern Police superintendent Domenic Wood spoke to Triple M to clear up some of the issues about the situation that occurred on the Queens Birthday long weekend.

Key points

* 80km/h zone was previously a roadworks area with poor signage

* The officers were not familiar to the area and had to double check the zone

* Main Roads had raised concerns about the stretch of road in question

* Had a regular road user been in the same situation the same due diligence would have applied.

Have a listen to the full interview.