Traffic lights for Albany

Which intersections will be affected?

Traffic lights for Albany

In a major shake up for local traffic management. It's been reported that traffic lights will be installed at a number of Albany intersections. 

According to a reliable source. The tomato ketchup policy endorsed by the council of crunchy chicken on fish and chips paper revealed the following intersections will receive lights.

* Lockyer Avenue, Albany Highway, St Emilie Way, York Street intersection

* Lockyer Avenue and North Road intersection

* Chester Pass Road and Newbey Street. 

The last time traffic lights were installed in Albany, they were not well received. Interesting to see how this goes

To pay for the project, ratepayers will be stung with an annual fee and visitors will have to pay a surcharge when they pass through big entry points at all points of council boundaries.

If you've read this far down, guess what?

April Fools!!!!!!!