Calling all repertory clubs!

Would love to hear what's coming our way

Calling all repertory clubs!

I joined the Repertory club in Merredin as soon as I got here because I knew it would be great place to meet some great people and it's also just so much fun being a part of the process of putting on a show. 

The picture above is from one that we recently put together called "Yard Sale", it was about a young couple who decide to have a yard sale and some really interesting characters dropped by, meanwhile they work through a major issue in their relationship as well, all within 40 minutes haha.

We would really love to hear from the Repertory clubs throughout the Avon Valley and Central Wheatbelt region! What shows are coming together? What dates should we book them into our diaries and calenders? Please message or post to the Avon Valley Triple M page :)