CWB and Avon Valley’s Biggest Morning Teas

Cancer Research Fundraising Success

CWB and Avon Valley’s Biggest Morning Teas

So far Australia’s Biggest Morning Teas across the country have had up to $1,499,579 in Donations and still counting. It’s an opportunity for friends, family or work-mates to get together over a cup of tea (or a skim latte with caramel flavoring and two shots, however you like it!) and enjoy a bite to eat and good company while raising money to help Cancer Council beat cancer.

Toodyay , Dowerin, Northam, Hyden, Dandaragan, Merredin hav all had some fantastic get togethers already throughout our region in the month of May and Yelbeni is still going to host one soon as well on the 16th June.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who put in effort in hosting and organizing these events throughout the Central Wheatbelt and Avon Valley, there are some truly amazing women and men who put in the hard yards for these events that really do go to such an important cause.