Holyoake Program

Help with addiction in our region

Holyoake Program

The use of methamphetamines in WA is nearly double the Australian average which is a pretty alarming statistic. Unfortunately, it is now the primary drug of concern for the majority of people presenting for Holyoake services in the Wheatbelt. I recently spoke to Denise Graham the regional manager on the show about how the plan is going to roll out to help those affected within the Central Wheatbelt and Avon Valley.

Over the next six months, a delivery model is being released that includes a range of services such as counselling, medical support, peer and family support, as well as case management to help with housing, employment, financial and legal issues. This is the first specialist service of its kind in regional WA which is fantastic news.

If you know of any family or friends that might be in need of assistance or want to find out some more information about it all, the Holyoake number for Northam is 9621 1055.