Josh Carr

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Josh Carr

We are truly fortunate to have some beautiful picturesque scenery day in and day out in the Central Wheatbelt and Avon Valley, especially with some of those glorious sunrises and sunsets on the horizon out on the farm.

Now a whole new perspective of daily life out here can be appreciated in the wonderful works of Josh Carr, a young Merredin local who has been capturing some truly amazing photos and films with his drone.

One of his films travels across the Shire of Muckinbudin and it is truly breathtaking, take a look for yourself:

I had him on air recently, saying he’s had zero training/ taken any classes or courses in photography, which I left me gob smacked because the quality of his work is incredible and really encapsulated the beauty of our region. If you yourself have some photos you’re proud of our Central Wheatbelt and Avon Valley, please do feel free to send them through, always great to show the wondrous Wheatbelt :)