Peter Clements

& The Brothers Three

Peter Clements

Three Northam brothers have hot-air-ballooning in their DNA and are having a wonderful week being  involved with another National Ballooning Championships in Northam. 

Andrew, Peter and Michael Clements and I was lucky enough o rope Peter on the airwaves this week :)  Their father Adrian Clements was one of the pioneers of ballooning, so it has obviously been a big part of their life growing up. 

The Tetlows and the Bristow-Staggs are also involved in the pioneering of WA ballooning and there were many other locals involved.

The brothers have been holding refresher sessions recently at the Northam Aero Club and have insisted on the remembrance of thanking the farmers who allow the landing and taking off of lights on their land and of course all the volunteers that help out and get involved.