Pinch and a Punch

Oh and Happy Birthday Horses

Pinch and a Punch

I got a call this morning from Shirley, I think she’s heard me say on more than one occasion how much I do love my fun facts. Well this morning she said “Did you know Verity that today is the birthday of all horses?” To which I replied, “Well no I didn’t Shirley, how do you come to this conclusion?” She then said she didn’t know…so I’ve done some researching…

So apparently, the 1st of August in the southern hemisphere the “Horses’ Birthday” is celebrated because historically, the weather at the commencement of September is just beginning to warm up and mares to commence something called the ‘oestrus’ cycle, or ‘come into season’. 

The date is based on the breeding season and is used to standardise the industry, particularly horse racing, which uses the date to put horses in their age grades for races.

So there you go  :) Just in case you didn’t already know and if you did and you celebrated with a carrot cake or a wonderful trot throughout the Central Wheatbelt or Avon Valley, it’d be great to hear about it. You can always contact me during breakfast on 13 27 10 or you can post or message to our Facebook pages.