World According to Quinny

An expedition to Muckinbudin

World According to Quinny
It was so great have the World According to Quinny segment on this week with weekend events in Northam being a touch light on because I got to ask him about his weekend and he had a glorious time heading on out to Muckinbudin. Having only just travelled out to Mucka recently, I couldn’t agree more with Quinny’s description of the glorious place that it is, he travelled on out to explore the multiple huge rocks that around and to see the wildflowers blooming.

I thought it was really nice to hear that he had decided to travel and explore his own backyard, I think we can all from time to time forget we have the option to do that, especially when there are so many hidden gems throughout out beautiful Central Wheatbelt and Avon Valley region. Have you discovered a beauty of place recently and would like to share your experience and what you found? Do please get in touch via our Facebook pages, Triple M for the Central Wheatbelt and Avon Valley.