Can Almonds Really Make Milk?

Dairy farmers petition for change

Can Almonds Really Make Milk?

Dairy farmers want to see a change in labeling to prevent confusion over the nutritional benefits of dairy and plant-based milk.


In a move which will probably upset your vegan and vegetarian mates, Dairy Connect's launched a petition calling for appropriate consumer labeling of plant-sourced alternatives to animal milk.

There is a point to be made, considering Food Standards Australia and New Zealand considers 'milk' as a liquid drink derived from the "mammary secretions of milking animals."


Dairy Connect's following similar changes made over in Europe.

Recently the European Union Court of Justice ruled in favour of differentiating between dairy products and "milk" from almonds, coconuts, hazelnuts and so-on. 


Dairy Connect CEO Shaughn Morgan wants to make it known this isn't about vegan or vegetarian diets, stating plant-based milk alternatives are important for people who are lactose intolerant.

He wants to see a clearer distinction between the two product types.

"We believe that this has been the source of confusion among consumers, some of whom equate the great nutritional benefits of cows' milk with the plant drink alternatives."

The Dairy Connect petition is available at: