V/Line Horns Causing Dozens Of Complaints

But they're saving lives

It's a pretty normal sound around Bendigo, a train giving a quick toot-toot as it approaches the station.

Now a friendly reminder's come out from V/Line after regional Victorians complained about train drivers using horns.

  A motorcyclist leaps for his life as a V/Line train speeds towards him (Source: Vimeo)

In a report by the Herald Sun, spokesperson for the regional rail operator Ebony Jordan said 32 residents have whinged about the noise in the last 12 months, but it's falling on deaf ears because horns are critical for community safety.

She goes on to remind us about the lucky bloke in the video above, who narrowly missed a very tragic end while on the Ballarat Line tracks in February.

"One of our quick-thinking train drivers helped avoid a serious incident near Ballan earlier this year by sounding the horn to alert a tresasser that the train was approaching."

For anyone else planning to complain, better save yourself the effort.

Under the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983, trains are exempt from noise control laws.