BREAKING: Teenager Charged Over Attempted Abduction Of Sleeping Six Year Old

19yo arrested in overnight raid

BREAKING: Teenager Charged Over Attempted Abduction Of Sleeping Six Year Old Pic: Supplied, QPS

A teenager has been charged over the attempted abduction of a sleeping 6 year old from Loganlea on Monday. 

Police say the 19 year old forced his way into the Pinelands Drive, Loganlea house at about 5am, using the dog door to gain access. 

Once inside, police say the man plucked the young girl from her bed and carried her downstairs, hitting her in the face when her screams alerted her parents. 

The man was last seen taking off on a BMX bike. 

Police raided a property at Haig Street overnight and arrested the man. He's also facing several other allegations including entering another house on Spruce Street late on Tuesday and stealing credit cards which he later used at two servos. 

The 19 year old, from Loganlea, has been charged with one count each of assault with intent to commit rape, enter dwelling with intent, stealing, armed robbery, burglary, two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and three counts of fraud.

The man has also been charged with armed robbery and assault occasioning bodily harm following investigations into the hold up of a Morningside bottle shop in July last year.


Police have confirmed a man has been arrested over the attempted abduction of a sleeping girl early on Monday morning. 

The 6 year old was allegedly grabbed from her bed and carried down the family home's stairs, where her alleged attacker placed his hand over her mouth. 

It was the girl's screams for help that alerted her parents. The man allegedly punched the girl in the face when she screamed. 

The girl's father took off on foot behind the man, who jumped on a BMX bike to getaway. 

Police have been searching for the man since Monday, and have previously released CCTV of the man on his bike. 

It's alleged the man had broken into the family home via the dog door. 

A spokesperson for Queensland Police says the man didn't hand himself in. He's with investigators now, and we're expecting an update on any charges.