Druggos Trash Heathwood Rental, Police Seize $850,000 Worth Of Cannabis

Private rental destroyed

Druggos Trash Heathwood Rental, Police Seize $850,000 Worth Of Cannabis QLD Police

Police are warning people who are renting out their properties privately to be extremely wary after a home at Heathwood, on Brisbane's southside, was completely trashed by drug dealers.

A member of the public tipped-off police and detectives raided the property yesterday afternoon, locating a sophisticated hydroponic setup with over 170 mature cannabis plants worth a staggering $850,000.

Turns out the offenders had been stealing electricity from a neighbour to mask their activities. They weren't hiding it well at all, police vision showing plants sprawled through most of the two-storey home's rooms.

"We are seeing this type of hydroponic setup more often, with criminals paying cash to rent directly from the property owner. The offenders have caused tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the property, breaking through doors and walls in order to grow the cannabis," said Detective Inspector Lance Vercoe.

"Members of the public who seek to rent their properties should be extremely wary of renting their properties out privately and should consider taking the appropriate steps to protect your property."

The culprits are yet to be arrested.