Female Scammers Accused Of Planting Bits Of Glass In Meals To Get Freebies

Warning to Brisbane restaurants

Female Scammers Accused Of Planting Bits Of Glass In Meals To Get Freebies Facebook/Birds Nest

Police are urging any Brisbane restaurants who believe they've been scammed by a group of women claiming to find glass in their food, to make an official complaint.

Several eateries have spoken out about the group of women and kids, who have Irish accents, on a social media post put up by Fortitude Valley Japanese restaurant Birds Nest this week.

Owner Maria Yokoyama said she served them late last month and they were "unbelievably rude".

"I'm posting this today because I have had information that they are scamming other places in Brisbane," she wrote in the post.

"To be honest I thought I had lost it - I'm so glad to find out it was a scam."


Yokoyama said she thought something was a bit strange, when they started 'running a muck' around the restaurant.

"They were running inside and out the restaurant, the ladies were smoking out the front, the children were left unattended and chucking salt and pepper all over the place. All of a sudden, one of the ladies started screaming saying "I've found glass in my food!", spitting out the food in her mouth into the other ladies napkin," she said.

"She pulled out this shard of glass and said "Look! There's glass in your food!", and I said "Oh, really?". I was looking at it and I thought, this is not a glass from our restaurant. And they just carried on and on and on."

Yokoyama said she was more than happy to comp the bill, which came to $180, and was more concerned with getting to the bottom of where the glass had come from.

"They just didn't care. They just wanted to walk out with a free meal. She wouldn't give me the food in the napkin, I think because that's when she was about to place this glass in the food. Me and my staff member were just absolutely terrified of these ladies."

It wasn't until Yokoyama saw a Facebook post in a private group discussing the same bunch of ladies, that she decided to come forward with her own story.

"My good friend Michael who owns George's Paragon down at Eagle Street gave me a call last night, they scammed him for $800. He's been panicking for weeks trying to find out where this glass came from and then to find out it's all a scam, it's unbelievable." 

"20 years in the hospitality industry, this is the first time that I've ever had something happen like this."