Greens Promise Queenslanders Four Extra Public Holidays A Year

State Of Origin holiday idea

Greens Promise Queenslanders Four Extra Public Holidays A Year

The Greens are hoping to snatch a few extra ticks come November 25.. promising Queenslanders four extra public holidays a year. 

As for what would be celebrated? That's still up for debate, but the party's Maiwar candidate, Michael Berkman, says a number of ideas have been thrown around. 

"We think State of Origin is something that is so fundamental to our way of life as Queenslanders, so why not celebrate a public holoiday for that. NAIDOC week is just another suggestion that we've made at this stage, and International Women's Day as well.. I think that's another sound suggestion.. but look, we're always open to other suggestions that might be put forward" 

It would bring the total number of public holidays enjoyed by Queenslanders to 16. At least one of the days would fall between Queen's Birthday in early October, and Christmas, where there currently no days off at all. 

The party believes the extra time off will not only helped stressed workers, but also the tourism industry and economy. A similar plan in China reportedly saw consumer spending increase by 15%. 

Berkman says it comes down to better balance for all of us. 

"We are working harder than ever and wages just aren't keeping up. So, this is an opportunity for us to take more time with friends and family and loved one because that's really what life is all about. The economy should work for the average person." 

"Australian workers fought so hard to get the 5 day working week, and the 8 hour working day. Since the 70s, we've been going backwards on that front so this is an opportunity to reset that balance and reclaim some of that space in our lives," said Berkman.  

If Berkman is successful in winning a seat in the next parliament, and potentially the balance of power, her says community consultation would be first priority before any days were locked in.