Jarryd Hayne Not Going Anywhere Soon: Dobbo

Follows calls for Titans to let him go

Jarryd Hayne Not Going Anywhere Soon: Dobbo

Even if Jarryd Hayne is on the nose at the Titans, the club won't let him go, according to Triple M's Dobbo. Listen to the full audio on the bottom of the page.

Things are looking pretty strained on the Gold Coast, with reports he's fallen out with the leadership group after they fined him, and Hayne admitting he'll look at all other offers for his future.

It's prompted Hayne's former Blues teammate Michael Ennis to suggest the Titans may be better off without him:

"The Titans need to make a decision. Because I thought the Titans were in a really good place, they found out who they were, they were heading in the right direction, and I think since the injection of Hayne last year with that super-stardom that comes with him, I think they've gone backwards," he told Triple M's Dead Set Legends.

But Dobbo laid it all out to Marto Ed and Robin this morning, saying Hayne holds the cards here:

"He has an option with the Gold Coast Titans for 2018 but the option isn't for the club, the option is for Jarryd Hayne's choice.

There is no way an NRL-owned club is going to let Jarryd Hayne go to another club and pay half his money to get rid of him," Dobbo says.

He says the board wants to keep him because he's bringing in the ticket sales, ratings and sponsors.  But the coach is a different story.

"Neil Henry was not part of the decision to bring him there, it was a board level decision, and I don't think he's happy at all and wants him out of there. But I don't see Jarryd Hayne going anywhere," he says.

And Dobbo reckons the fairytale return to the Eels won't happen:

"These issues happened at Parramatta... and Parramatta do not want him back."