Man Hijacks Brisbane Bus, Has To Be Tasered By Police

Duress alarm triggered.

Man Hijacks Brisbane Bus, Has To Be Tasered By Police 7 News

Scary scenes in Brisbane yesterday, with a man allegedly hijacking a bus late in the afternoon.

For fifteen minutes, the man directed the driver on a joy ride through the city.

The driver had just begun his shift on Wednesday at roughly 4.45pm, when the 27-year-old boarded the bus and started giving instructions to the driver.

"He was directing him, so it seems like the bus driver himself felt threatened...just because of his behaviour, he was quite erratic by the sound of it," a QLD Police spokesperson said.

A duress alarm was triggered by the driver, which made the bus display 'Help Call Police' on the front notice board, instead of the usual route listings flashing.

The bus was located at 5pm, with the man smashing his head on the glass partition when police arrived.

"He had lacerations to his head, he had to be tasered by police because of his behaviour," a police spokesperson said.

"He was then taken to hospital but released."

The man has been charged with possession of a dangerous drug, as well as wilful damage.