More Intense Heatwave Temps For Brisbane This Weekend

Make it stop!! Make it stop!!

More Intense Heatwave Temps For Brisbane This Weekend

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They're calling it.. heatwave hell.


The emergency services have given Queenslanders full permission to crank the air con this weekend, as we sweat through what could be some record-breaking heatwave conditions.

Brisbane is preparing for a blistering top temp of 36°C on Saturday and an unbearable 39°C on Sunday, out west it'll be even worse with highs in the mid-40s.

Some inland regions could hit temperatures up to 11 degrees above the February average, prompting the cancellation of many outdoor and sporting events across the state.

Add to that the humidity, on Friday morning it was already at 91%.


Paramedics are warning us to be vigilant and take precautions to keep cool.

"This is not a weekend to get outside or do the gardening," said QAS boss Lachlan Parker.

"Wear some loose clothing, be inside and put the air conditioning on and drink plenty of water."

"The elderly and children are our main area of concern, but everyone, even fit young healthy adults can be a victim of heat-related illness and we all need to take precautions."

Down in Sydney, there is talk of mass blackouts thanks to the immense strain on the electricity network, but Energex says up here, it's nothing to worry about.

"We're ready for that. We've been preparing for that in the cooler months and the network is in good shape," said spokesman Justin Coomber.

"The commercial and industrial loads of your normal industries, most of them won't be on our system, so therefore we think there'll be capacity in our network to take up all o the demand from air con that you and I and everyone else will probably be using."