Newcastle Knights to Ipswich?

Ippy Mayor All For It

Newcastle Knights to Ipswich?

Ipswich could be home to a new NRL team, if you believe some rumours coming out of Newcastle.

It's understood the NRL chatted about the idea of moving the Knights to Ipswich, which has long been touted as a potential home to a fourth Qld based footy team.

But, it could also be a way of enticing a bid from the Wests Leagues Club in NSW. The Knights have been under NRL ownership since mining magnate Nathan Tinkler got into financial strife two years ago.

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisale is all for the idea though. "Ipswich is the fastest growing area in the country, and we are a rugby leageu city. We've got some of the biggest titles ever seen come out of Australian NRL."

Mayor Pisale also reckons an Ipswich based NRL team would be a financial winner. "Yamanto is the biggest membership base of the Brisbane Broncos, so they'd be welcome, and it would be absolutely fantastic to have the Knights up here."