No Charges Laid After Scooting Teens Take Over Brisbane

Group cause CBD traffic chaos

No Charges Laid After Scooting Teens Take Over Brisbane Nine News

Several young scooter riders were lucky to cop just a slap on the wrist from police, after causing traffic chaos in Brisbane on Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of teens left traffic at a standstill through Fortitude Valley and in the CBD when they started riding down the wrong side of busy roads while taking part in a 'joyride', apparently organised by a Brisbane scooter business. 

Local businesses including Flavor Scooters, Root Industries and and Scooter Hut have sponsored the event in the past.

There was a lot of hype around the event after Aussie social media star Jack Dauth, 18, sent an open invitation to his 159,000 Instagram followers to join him for the 'Brisbane Street Jam'.

"I'm from Sydney and I just came up for the event. We promoted it, that's where it got out of hand but I actually had nothing to do with the organisation," he said.

"Last year there were only about 70-80 people there, but it kinda blew up this year when we said we were attending." 

Police intervened after reportedly receiving dozens of calls from motorists and locals, a large group of them were intercepted along Eagle Street and ushered off the road before Dauth and many others were arrested, but were released without charge a short time later.


"I got arrested AF at the Brisbane Street Jam today. Tackled down, camera ripped off me, throw into a paddy wagon and interviewed by channel 9 and channel 7 later in the day, " Dauth wrote on his Instagram last night.


Dauth has since admitted the event got way out of hand.

"I was trying to order the kids to get off the road and I was trying to calm everything down but it was out of my control because it's one on 500 kids, I can't really do much," he said.

"The cops saw me as the ringleader of the whole thing because every kid was trying to get a photo with me. I was tackled down and told I was under arrest for public nuisance and breaching the peace, they just ripped my camera off me and put my hands behind my back and threw me in the back of the paddy wagon."

"Once it got to a point where it was out of control I was really trying to get everyone off the road."