One Nation's New Domestic Violence Policy Being Labelled 'Dangerous'

DV protection advocates 'appalled'

One Nation's New Domestic Violence Policy Being Labelled 'Dangerous'

Pauline Hanson's One Nation party has raised eyebrows with a new domestic violence policy announced by Queensland leader Steve Dickson this week.

The plan, which has been slammed by DV protection and child safety advocates as "dangerous" and "ill-informed", would give fathers visitation rights for their children, even if the courts have granted his family an emergency protection order.

The party's domestic violence spokeswoman also believes victims should have to prove their injuries before a DVO is issued.

Both Domestic Violence Prevention Ministers, Shannon Fentiman and Ros Bates, believe the policy is misguided and ignorant.

"They have an appalling lack of understanding, because domestic violence can be more than physical abuse. It also involves control, mental abuse and threats against children which are common tools of abusers," said DV Prevention Minister Shannon Fentiman.

"Forcing children to spend equal time with parents even if one of them is perpetrating violence, would absolutely put children directly in harms way and it is a dangerous policy."

"I've been incredibly pleased to see the LNP come out strongly against this issue, but I really think Tim Nicholls and the Opposition now, given this is the kind of policies we are seeing from One Nation, need to come out and rule out a deal with One Nation."

Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston echoed those calls, describing the policy as "absolute drivel".

"I fear for our state, I fear for our children and I fear for our protective parents both men and women alike," she said.

"This is just nonsensical garbage. It comes from a party that could very well hold the balance of power in this state after the next election. I'm scared to death."