Several Petitions Launched To Find Sacked Bus Driver A Job

79yo fired after girl was left on bus

Several Petitions Launched To Find Sacked Bus Driver A Job 9 News

The community is rallying behind Logan bus driver Ross Belsham with several petitions launched to find him employment after he was controversially sacked. 

The 79-year-old Logan Coaches employee, who has been driving buses for the better part of 50 years, was fired after a five year old girl got trapped on his bus for almost four hours when she fell asleep on the ride home from school last week.

Belsham said he had no idea little Alyssa was even riding the service, because she wasn't on his registration sheet - that names every young passenger and where they are required to be dropped off - he said her mother also wasn't waiting at the girl's stop, as she's previously claimed.

Belsham believes Alyssa may have hopped on the bus unnoticed while he was assisting unaccompanied students, trying to find out why there were no teachers on supervision duties.

Drivers are required to sweep and check all buses before the end of their shifts, something Belsham admits he didn't do, but said he didn't feel it was necessary as he'd already accounted for all the students on his registration sheet.

"They rang me at 4:12pm asking 'did you have Alyssa on your bus?', I said 'no she wasn't'. How she got on there, no one knows. I'm lost," he told Triple M's The Big Breakfast on Thursday.

"They rang me 10 minutes later and I was at home by then. There were people in the office, sitting 50 metres away from the bus. The management has got a duty of care too, they should have just hopped out and had a look in the bus!"

"The company set me up to make me look the villain."

The pensioner said he now fears for his future, with no income to support him and his 78-year-old wife, who has health issues.

One campaign, started on The Petition Site, has already gained more than 1,000 signatures, while another on Go Petition has attracted almost 500 signatures in just 24 hours. There are also several campaigns being shared among local Facebook groups.