Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers Underpaid

Audit Reveals Money Owed

Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers Underpaid

Pizza Hut By Basil D Soufi - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Pizza Hut franchisees have been caught out underpaying delivery drivers in an audit of workplace practices.

The Fair Work Ombudsman report, completed in 2015 and released on Friday, audited 26 of the more than 270 stores and identified three franchisees with breaches.

One, Romaro Holdings, is no longer a franchisee and Pizza Hut has taken over management of the store said Pizza Hut Australia CEO Lisa Ransom.

The audit found that seven franchisees had classified delivery drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, meaning they didn't get their full entitlements.

Pizza Hut drivers are owed a total of $12,086.

Three franchise operators, one at Mango Hill in Queensland and two in Sydney paid workers on a "per delivery" basis at rates as low as $5.70. Those workers complained that they didn't payslips.

Underpaid staff audited by the Ombudsman are mainly students, including a student visa holder from India.