Qld Town As Hot As The Sahara

But relief on its way

Qld Town As Hot As The Sahara

Queensland had its own version of the Sahara Desert on the weekend, with Thargomindah out west reaching 47 degrees.

Ambos had to treat 100 people for heat-related illnesses across Queensland, including a 4 year old boy who was left in a car - alone- for at least half an hour at the New Farm shops. 

Police have since charged a man with leaving a child unattended.

The RSPCA's also furious, after a dog was tied to a clothesline, and died of heat stress.

Overnight temperatures didn't dip below 27 degrees for Brisbane, but there might be some relief coming.

A mass of cool air is making its way north, which could equal some storm action later this arvo.

Storm Chasers are expected to head to the eastern Darling Downs, with the potential for a massive light show.