Record Numbers Of Prep Kids Suspended From School

Figures more than double in 3yrs

Record Numbers Of Prep Kids Suspended From School

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The number of school suspensions handed down to unruly and violent 5 year olds has more than doubled in just 3 years. 

Education Queensland stats show more than 1,000 prep age students were stood down in 2016, compared to 572 in 2013, for incidents ranging from physical violence and property damage to verbal abuse.

Suspensions for preppies were overwhelmingly short (lasting one to 10 days), although a small number were given longer stand downs of 11 to 20 days.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education and Training says strong disciplinary action is supported. 

"All students have a right to learn — and teachers have a right to teach — in a safe and supportive school environment."

"The great majority of state school students from Prep to Year 12 behave appropriately every day, are actively engaged in learning and have positive relationships with their fellow students and teachers."

To put the numbers into perspective, in 2016 only 1.1% of all Queensland preppies were suspended.