Reward Offered After Thumb Tacks Scattered Through Popular Dog Park

"This was done deliberately"

Reward Offered After Thumb Tacks Scattered Through Popular Dog Park

Pic: Acting Mayor Paul Tully

Ipswich City Council is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of a senseless vandal/s who've targeted a popular dog park with hundreds of thumb tacks. 

"I was at home at Augustine Heights when some residents arrived to report these 250 or more thumb tacks spread right across the local park" 

The Jane Gorry off-leash park at Augustine Heights remains closed this morning, with council workers doing a final safety sweep of the area. 

The Acting Mayor says there's no doubt the attack was intentional, given the animals were lured to the tacks. 

"There was dry dog food that was scattered around at the same time, and we think that some of the tacks may've been embedded in the dog food" 

"It is the worst form of vandalism I have ever seen in 38 years in local government, it is absolutely appalling" 

"If dogs had swallowed these thumb tacks they could have died. I just can't understand what would motivate the idiots to have done this"

The Acting Mayor says when, not if, those responsible are caught, he wants magistrates to come down hard. 

"They should face the full extent of the law. Magistrates and Judges tend to give very lenient sentences in cases like this. We need jail sentences to send a message to people in the future" 

"Don't tap them over the wrist with a feather and send them on their way. I would like to see a stiff jail sentence imposed on the people responsible for this". 

At this stage, it's believed the attack was isolated to the one park, but if anyone does notice anything else suspicious they're encouraged to call Council and Police straight away.