Robin On Why She Adopted Her Beloved Pup Raibo From The RPSCA - And Why You Should Too

Everyone needs a Raibo!

Robin On Why She Adopted Her Beloved Pup Raibo From The RPSCA - And Why You Should Too Robin Bailey/ Instagram

Dog’s Name: Rai or Raibo 

When you adopted: June 2015 

What was the dog like when first adopted: He was the RSPCA’s longest serving resident and had been with them for over 12 months while being rehabilitated from an abused situation. He spent his days in the office with the staff and would go on weekend home visits with the inspectors because he was such a sweet heart.

When I contacted the RSPCA I had very specific needs as I was a newly widowed, single mother of three teenage sons and desperately needed a dog who I felt would protect us but also help heal my kids and would also get on with our rescue greyhound.

The RSPCA suggested Rai and we took Summer our grey hound and my boys to the shelter to meet him. It was love at first sight for this big barrel chested boy and when we loaded him into the car all the staff came out to say goodbye and some cried because he was so loved.

Do you know anything about his past: I don’t know a lot other than he was abused and has no front teeth plus there are certain types of people he doesn't like and if anyone raises their arms in anger or tries to hurt anyone of his family he gets very upset. He is a good judge of character. 


Why Adopt: Because Rai is a beautiful, kind-hearted, gentle but protective wonderful member of our family and I thank God every day that we found each other. If it wasn’t for the RSPCA, Rai wouldn’t have been given a chance and Rai is just one of thousands of cats and dogs that are wonderful pets - but if no families adopt, they can't survive.  

Rai is a mix breed, a Doberman cross New Zealand Hunterway. He’s a big dog and most people wouldn’t request him or order him from a breeder but I have never had such a wonderful dog in my life and that’s why adopting a dog whose been profiled by the RSPCA is so important.

They spend a lot of time making sure they understand these animals' temperaments and matching them with great families. I always have and always will adopt rescue animals that need homes. 

What the dog means to the family now: So much! He has helped us all heal after a terrible family tragedy. He protects us, he unconditionally loves us, he makes us all spend moments patting him in the sun and getting off screens and exercising him.

Rai is a wonderful gift to the boys and I and he reminds us everyday what’s important. Unconditional love from a pet is a so amazing and Rai gives it in bucket loads.

If you'd like to adopt your own Rai, head to the RSPCA website now.