Temps Sit 7° Above Average For Ekka People's Day

Extra help on hand given crazy temps

Temps Sit 7° Above Average For Ekka People's Day Pic: Ekka.com.au

A cracker day on the cards for People's Day at the Ekka, with forecasters tipping a top of 30° which is more than 7° above our August average. 

50,000 people are expected through the gates today, and there will be extra sunscreen and umbrellas on hand because of the mid-winter burst in heat. 

Diana Eadie from the Bureau of Meteorology says people need to remember to keep fluids up right through til late afternoon. 

"One of the limiting factors to reaching these kind of temperatures usually at this time of year is sea breeze, but we're not actually expecting sea breeze today so temperatures are really going to continue to rise."

"We should expect our peak temperature to be around 3 or 4pm", she says. 

Surprisingly, despite being so far above average, the temps are not record breaking. 

"The last time we did actually reach 30 degrees was in August 2009 when we had a really really warm spell. It actually got to 35.4° around about late August." 

The Ekka winds are still hovering around, though, too. 

"It is going to get quite fresh. We currently have a wind warning for coastal waters, so if live around the bayside suburbs you can expect winds up to 40 or 50 kays an hour. Not quite as significant further inland around Brisbane itself however it will still be gusty"

Tomorrow will be even warmer. 

Meanwhile, if the weather isn't enough of a draw card, the FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT may be.. 

It's all thanks to the unionised bus drivers who're continuing their strike action.