Trailer Speed Cameras To Target School Zones

School's back.. and so are school zones

Trailer Speed Cameras To Target School Zones

Police have moved their new speed camera trailers to some of our most notorious school zones, just in time for day one of the new school year.

As 800,000 Queensland kids take to the classrooms, officers have taken to the streets in force to catch lead-foot drivers. 

Assistant Police Commissioner Mike Keating has warned drivers it's their responsibility to be on high alert, and stick to the 40 km per hour speed limits - 

"We're asking motorists to prioritise the safety of our children."

"You'll see large numbers of pedestrians, cyclists, in and around school zone areas. They'll be coming from cars, walking along the footpath, maybe arriving by bus... it's a really busy location and we're asking people to take care" 

Keating says it's a busy time of year, full of mixed emotions for both children and parents. He says drivers should expect to be around distracted pedestrians - 

"We're seeing many children at the beginning of their 12 year school program so, there's a lot of inexperienced people in and around these areas"

The RACQ is also on board with warnings for parents. Spokesperson Lauren Ritchie echoing the police cautions: 

"It's been quite a while [since school holidays began] and we've been out of the habit of recognising when those lower speeds take effect. So as a reminder, it's 7-9am and 2-4pm... there really is no excuse, whether there's a speed camera or not, you should be doing 40 km an hour"

She's supportive of the new trailer-based speed cameras being used in high-risk areas. 

“If motorists are speeding through school zones they can expect to be caught”

“Police have a zero tolerance for speeding, especially in school zones where there are many young children unfamiliar with traffic conditions.”

The speed cameras have been a big win for Police - they're positioned in areas where it's unsafe for an officer to be, and in just 3 weeks they've nabbed more than 600 speeding drivers. 

Parents dropping their children off at school should:

  • Park safely on the same side of the road as the school, if possible, and let children out on the kerb side
  • Avoid reversing, particularly if visibility is hindered
  • Never double park
  • Never call to children from across the road – cross the road to them.