Trio To Stand Trial For Mason Lee's Death

Sad case.

Trio To Stand Trial For Mason Lee's Death 7 News

The mother, stepfather and a teenage acquaintance of Queensland toddler Mason Lee have been committed to stand trial for his manslaughter.

Mason was just 21-months-old when he died in 2016 from a rupture to his small intestine, believed to have been caused by blunt force trauma.

After a two-day hearing, Anne Maree Lee, William Andrew Sullivan and Ryan Robert Barry Hodgson were on Tuesday committed to stand trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court at a later date on the charge of manslaughter.

The hearing was told Mason was covered in bruises when his lifeless body was handed over a fence to a paramedic in the early hours of June 11.

He also had a tear to his anus that a paramedic believed could have been caused by a "five to six centimetre object".

Pediatric surgeon Professor Roy Kimble testified Mason would have been lethargic, had a temperature and not wanting to move as faecal matter leaked into his blood stream before his death.

He said Mason would have also been unable to eat or drink without vomiting it back up despite being dehydrated.

"This child would be very miserable with not being able to take in the fluid that is required in this situation," he said.

"From the actual injury, you would know there is something wrong with this child."