TRUCKIES: You DO Have To Give Way To Cars Under The New M1 Laws

State Govt clarifies confusion

TRUCKIES: You DO Have To Give Way To Cars Under The New M1 Laws

There seems to be a heap of confusion after these new truck laws came into play on the M1 between Springwood and Robina at midnight... 

A stack of tradies have called Marto, Ed and Robin claiming they don't have to give way to cars coming on or off the highway - 

"How many car users know that they have to give way to trucks as they are merging? Trucks do not have to give way to cars anymore," said one.

While another tells us not many cars were sitting amongst the trucks. 

"No, not really, they're trying to get across but under the new laws we don't have to give an inch when they try to come in front of us, they've gotta to behind us."

"The law is a conundrum for a car driver, not so much for a truck driver, because if the cars go in between two trucks then they've gone in between two trucks so that's illegal". 

Trouble is, THAT IS NOT THE CASE. 

Acting Main Roads Minister Steven Miles says the give way rule exists just as it always has. 

"Nothing today changes the give way rules on the M1 or anywhere else. Any vehicle merging into a lane has always had to give way to vehicles already in that lane, regardless of whether it's a truck or car"

"It is concerning [to hear there's a misunderstanding], but I am sure that all of our truck drivers are driving safely and courteously on the roads so we shouldn't have any problems but it's best that everyone knows that nothing today changes the give way rule" 

Remember, anyone caught in breach of the new laws could potentially face fines of up to $126, and 3 demerits. 

A full rundown of the new laws can be found via the State Government HERE

Hear the word direct from the Minister HERE: