Turns Out The Most Vicious Magpies Live In Queensland

Nasty bloody pies!

Turns Out The Most Vicious Magpies Live In Queensland Trevor's Birding (edited)

If you think the magpies in your area are out to get you with a vengeance, you're probably right. 

New data has revealed that Queensland magpies are the most vicious in Australia, with reports of swoopings higher in Maroon territory than anywhere else in the country.


In the past four years, website Magpie Alert has received more than 3500 reports about attacks, 16 per cent of them resulting in injuries including pecks and gashes to ears, cheeks, even eyeballs.

Experts believe the higher rate of attacks in the Sunshine State could be due to the warmer weather and because locals spend more time around bird habitats.

You're also in a lot more trouble if you're always getting swooped in the same area. Researchers at Griffith University discovered a few years back, that magpies are able to recognise people by their facial features and remember people who regularly pass through their territory. 

If you're one of the unlucky ones who has become a popular target for the pies, you can check out the Magpie Alert website for tips and tricks to avoid a pecking.