Urgent Govt Meetings After Towies' 'Standover Tactics' Revealed

Minister slams towies as 'cowboys'

Urgent Govt Meetings After Towies' 'Standover Tactics' Revealed

The State Government has towing companies in its sights, after a Sunday paper investigation unveiled some pretty worrying tactics allegedly being used in the industry. 

According to the Sunday Mail, several standover tactics are used by many operators, including the likes of towies renting vacant apartment block or shop parking lots then video monitoring the spaces and towing people as soon as they park there. 

Minister for Main Roads Mark Bailey says he's livid after hearing the public is then asked to shell out up to $1,000 to get their car back. 

"These cowboy operators in the tow truck industry are treating Queenslanders with contempt and ripping them off" 

Other tactics apparently widespread in the industry include using bait cars, vague signage and CCTV cameras as a way to nab cars within minutes of the owners walking away. 

Minister Bailey has already spoken with the Premier and says 'nothing is off the table'. He's taking potential reforms to include signage improvements and capping the fees companies can charge people who've been caught out.