UV Rays To Hit LETHAL Levels Across Queensland

Up to FIVE TIMES what's considered safe

UV Rays To Hit LETHAL Levels Across Queensland

Pic: Collective NounĀ 

The minds of southeast Queenslanders are pretty focused on ways to stay cool during this blisteringly humid heatwave, but we're being warned that UV levels are also floating around pretty extreme levels.

Health experts reckon by the weekend, UV levels could hit up to five times what's considered to be the "safe" limit.

On a scale of 1 - 20, predictions are rays will hit as high as a level 17, which is described as lethal.

To put that into perspective, people are usually warned to heavily practice the 'Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide' method when it's at a level 3.

"It's really important than when the levels are 3 or above, people follow those five recommended behaviours, but I would dare say people just don't realise how much damage you can do to your skin," said Katie Clift from the Queensland Cancer Council.

"It takes just 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure to leave you with damage."

"The UV can be quite high from as early as 7am right through to the late afternoon, so the majority of the day you could be doing real damage to your skin."

Written by: @amydrewsnews