XXXX Workers Target Queensland Derby Over Job Concerns

Hands off our Milton Mango

XXXX Workers Target Queensland Derby Over Job Concerns 7News

If you're off to the footy tonight at Suncorp Stadium, expect to see union members representing XXXX workers making noise about job security.

The protest, beginning from midday, will see United Voice handing out stickers and talking to punters in pubs before the the Queensland derby at the stadium.

There'll also be mobile billboards up and down Caxton Street.

Spokesman DAMIEN DAVEY says the Brewery wants to bring in cheap contract labour and potentially move production down south.

"We're going to speak to people prior to the Cowboys-Broncos game and talk to them about why it's important for the MIlton Mango to stay in Milton"

Brewery owner Lion has previously said it has no plans to shut up shop and move interstate but the union wants further guarantees.

"We can't really believe that because they've already shifted production down south" he said.

"XXXX has given a soft commitment to Queenslanders that the brewery won't be shut down but what we need is a rock solid commitment that XXXX will keep our cultural icon in Queensland.

"All they've said is the have no plans and we know how quick corporate entities change their minds on these things"

Depending on how a vote by workers goes today, there could be strike action in the coming weeks, which could lead to product shortages.

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