11 year old, Brock Bryant needs our help!

A fighter since the beginning

11 year old, Brock Bryant needs our help!

Brock Bryant's mum Katrina knows her son is a fighter. Ever since his birth at just 27 weeks his life has been a constant struggle. 

Brock has been fighting Auto-immune Hepatitis and Nephrotic Syndrome for 10 years and is the ONLY ONE in the world with both of these conditions. 

Now 11 years old and about to head to Grade 7 at Trinity Bay High School, keeping up with school is a challenge but the whole community has come on-board to help get the treatment and help he needs.

A Go-Fund me page - 'Brock's Fight' has been set up to help with ongoing costs of medical treatment. 

Out of every month, Brock's "normal" for between 6-10 days with the rest of the time spent in hospital. The family is hoping to buy Brock a hospital bed so when his body fills with fluid he can have the bed raised so he is comfortable. As Queensland Health won't cover the costs, the trips back and forth to Sydney for treatment is also challenging the family’s finances. 

If you can help, please donate to his go fund me page here!