Is it true? Was Bruce Willis in Cairns?

And said this about Cairns people.

Is it true? Was Bruce Willis in Cairns?

It's possible, you stared at your TV screen this Christmas watching him take on Alan Rickman in Die Hard. 

It's also possible that Bruce was in our backyard recently!

We are hoping this is legit and not a troll act.

According to news sources, in a recent radio interview, here's what he had to say. 

“We were just leaving the city limits of Cairns, when the car overheated so I pulled it over to the side of the road and within just a minute or two there were a couple of cars that pulled over to help me out. I told them that I was on the phone with the rental car company but one of them had a brother who owned a tow truck and a few minutes later it was there and he towed it to a place nearby to get fixed.

The one guy finds out that I’m not from there and offers to take me in to get lunch while my car is getting fixed and I’m thinking, ‘Sure, what the hell.’ So we drove to the finest dining spot in Cairns – some place called Jimmy’s Burger – and got a burger. Great freakin’ burger too. These guys had no idea who I was either which made my day, honestly.

I’m telling you, these people in Cairns are the real deal. I’m gonna move there after I retire,” Willis said with a laugh.

Willis added later, “You have to understand, this is something that would’ve never happened in L.A.! So yeah, that’s my story about Cairns, Australia. It’s nice to know there are still places like this in the world.”

If you were the person who helped him and took him to Jimmy's please contact this radio station.