Welcome 'Seabourne Encore' to Cairns

5 Star Luxury cruising

Welcome 'Seabourne Encore' to Cairns

A 5 Star Luxury cruise liner - The Seabourne Encore has docked in Cairns for the 1st time bringing with it 1064 passenger and crew. 

Making it's maiden voyage from Singapore, the ship has 11 levels including 5 restaurants, 4 lounges and everything else you'd expect of a cruise ship with one interesting addition - a fully equipped hospital. 

If you're keen to become a passenger on board Seabourne Encore get ready to part with anywhere between $5,799 and $36,000 for 16 days of luxury, high-end cruising. 

The ship will leave Cairns tonight at 6pm for it's next stop on the Whitsundays.