Sunbus Drivers to Stop Work!

It's happening again, tomorrow.

Sunbus Drivers to Stop Work!

Sunbus drivers in Cairns will be stopping work tomorrow as part of their campaign for a fair rate of pay.

TWU members at Sunbus Cairns will be stopping work for 4 hours from 10am until 2pm this Friday, after further stonewalling from TransLink.

TWU Queensland Branch Secretary Peter Biagini says that he is disappointed with the outcome of negotiations with TransLink.

“Industrial action is always a last resort” said Biagini.

“We’ve asked TransLink to come and explain themselves time and time again, but they refuse to negotiate, despite being the body which provides the funding for any wage increases. TransLink have instead pushed to maintain the status quo, which will only hurt local drivers and operators. TransLink can fund wage increases in other areas, why is it so hard to do it in Cairns?”

Drivers will be stopping work from 10am Friday morning, with a stop work meeting being held at the Smithfield Depot.