Council Meeting, November 27th, 2017

Wyong meeting lasted 5.5 hrs.

Council Meeting, November 27th, 2017

Council continue opposition to current Rail Maintenance Facility location

Council has resolved to write to Transport for NSW to request that the site of the 24/7 rail maintenance facility for the Central Coast be changed from Kangy Angy to Warnervale.

In 2014 a Transport NSW consultant report recommended land adjacent to the Link Road at Warnervale was the ideal site for the facility instead of the current location at Kangy Angy.

It followed residents of Kangy Angy again urging Council to side with them.

Residents Susan Zgraja and Tony Caldersmith spoke at the start of the meeting, Ms Zgraja saying despite this being a state government decision, there will be repercussions for Council to solve if the Facility goes ahead in its current location.

“If you achieve nothing else in your tenure you will be worthy of our vote,” she said.

While Mr Caldersmith said it wasn't too late to change the Transport NSW's mind, and that it's possible to build what they want at one of the other proposed sites for the facility north of Wyong.

"One of those sites would be Warnervale, because of access to M1 and a lower frequency of train traffic."

Councillor Best, who was part of the former Wyong Shire Council, said 'Council didn't just wake up one day and decide to put it there'. He then asked Mr Caldersmith asked if there were any rejections from Warnervale residents, suggesting they would be just as happy about having a facility in their backyard as Kangy Angy residents are currently.

While Deputy Mayor Chris Holstein warned any advocacy on Council's part would unlikely sway the state government, the motion passed 10-4 with Holstein, Burke, Best and Gale-Collins against.


Mangrove Mountain/Spencer advisory committee positions finalised

All eleven community members who put in an Expression of Interest have been appointed to the Committee to advise Council on actions and to address issues relating to the Mangrove Mountain Golf Course and alleged dumping at Spencer.

Mr John Asquith, Mr Gary Chestnut, Mr Stephen Goodwin, Mr Wolfgang Koerner, Ms Margaret Pontifex, Ms Marilyn Steiner, Mr Danny Willmott, Mr Stephen Rickards, Ms Pam O’Sullivan, Ms Joy Cooper and Ms Lillias Bovell are the appointed community members.

The community members will round out the committee made up of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors Marquart, MacGregor and Mehrtens as well as the Chief Executive Officer, General Counsel, other relevant staff and independent experts.

Mayor Jane Smith said with the confirmation of the community appointments the Committee can now get on with the job of helping to resolve issues relating to waste management in the best interests of the community and the Central Coast.


Proposal to make Asbestos removal cheaper for residents voted down

Councillor Greg Best moved a motion, calling on Council staff to look into the feasibility of waiving fees for residents disposing waste materials with small amounts of Asbestos in the Central Coast for 12 months. 

As part of his motion, Mr Best acknowledged "That Council recognises there will be some administrative and regulatory challenges around this initiative. However the alternative to accept the current situation playing out over the next 20 years is unattainable."

The motion did not pass.


Aviation Hub Masterplan for Central Coast airport on hold

Council confirmed its support for the Warnervale Airport (Restrictions) Act and resolved that the current 1196 metre runway not be extended, removed or altered. 

Council further resolved that all works at the Central Coast Airport will be suspended, unless required by law or that suspension would expose Council to liability.

The budget for the development of the airport will now be reinvested in employment generating projects in the former Wyong local government area, with a report to be put to the 12 February 2018 Council Meeting.



Council's Domestic Violence policies to be reviewed

Kincumber Labor Councillor Jeff Sundstrom moved a motion to compel Council CEO Brian Bell to review the provisions in place to help staff escaping and recovering from Domestic Violence.

"The Central Coast region is approaching the highest level of Domestic Violence in NSW," Mr Sundstrom said. "My request is to... (put) our employees in the best possible position if they should find themselves in this unfortunate circumstance."

All Councillors spoke - and voted - in favour of the motion. 

Earlier Shayne Silvers, Operations Manager at Coast Shelter, said people need to stop judging and critiquing victims, and need to start discussing and question why the offender committed the crime.

"We have to continue reminding ourselves violence is a choice," she said.


Extraordinary Meeting called to present Council’s Financial Statements

Council will hold an Extraordinary Meeting on Thursday 7 December 2017 to present the draft financial statements for the period from 13 May 2016 to 30 June 2017.

The draft financial statements will comply with the Local Government Act 1993 and prescribed accounting standards. 

If adopted the statements will be referred to external audit for review, to be reported back at a subsequent meeting.

The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers at 2 Hely Street in Wyong, starting at 6.30pm, be open to the public, and will be livestreamed.