King Hit

Central Coast race driver struck by car

King Hit

Central Coast based race driver LUKE KING is confident he'll be ok to compete at the Sydney Super Sprint next weekend...after being struck as he walked at SPRINGFIELD this morning.

The incident happened at the intersection of Springfield Road and Maitland Road...with the young Fastrack Racing star ending up in Gosford Hospital with some bumps and bruises.

The vehicle question, a charcoal coloured Ford Territory or Everest, failed to stop.

Anyone with info should call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000


Photo - Facebook

Here's Luke's Facebook post about the incident -

Ok so please all, dont take this as a pitty post because its far from that. Ive ended up in the hospital ward this morning, im ok nothing broken and i will be competiting at the Sydney Super Sprint next weekend. Have been getting over the flu the last couple of days and this morning i thought id get some sunlight and light exercise.

I suggested to mum i walk her to walk and we grab a coffee together. At the cross section of Springfield road and Maitland road a charcol coloured Ford Territory or Everest side swiped me at about 40km. It made a loud enough bang and enough contact to put me on the ground. The mirror made contact with my right arm and i rolled off the rear of the car.

Youd think any decent person would have stopped but obviously this person didnt see the need. Arm is fine and im just waiting for the all clear from the Dr. To the person out there who did this, you must know this happened. Unless you were that distracted by whatever you were doing. If you arent going to own up to your actions at least consider taking some precautions and actions to ensure you dont injure anyone else or worse!

Shout out to Shelly who stopped to pick up mum and myself and take us to hospital