New parking sensors for Gosford, Terrigal CBDs

Federal Gov commits $114k.

New parking sensors for Gosford, Terrigal CBDs Lucy Wicks/twitter

Plans are in motion to make parking easier in the Gosford and Terrigal CBDs.

450 electronic sensors will be set up around key locations - 250 in Gosford and 200 in Terrigal - to direct us to free spaces.

Assistant Cities and Digital Transformation Minister Angus Taylor (centre, above) joined Robertson MP Lucy Wicks (right) and Central Coast Council representatives at Gosford's Kibble Park to make the announcement this morning.

He said the government's putting 114-thousand dollars into the near 280-grand project.

"This is something we're doing in a number of centres in Australia... in areas where we've got growing congestion problems," said Mr Taylor. "Up to 30% of traffic congestion in the city centres on the Central Coast is because of people looking for carparks. We can do better than this.”

"Basically we're putting sensors in the streets so that people will know where there are spare parking spots are ahead of time." 

"Lots of people spend a lot of time looking for parking spots, which clogs up streets. One way to solve that is to have sensors on street lights or in the streets, that allow people to see where there's a spare spot and go straight there."

Mr Taylor the sensors will do this via a voice controlled smartphone app.

"The app will actually talk to you and say where there's a spare spot and direct you to it. And this particular app we're using even predicts - it tells you where it thinks the parking spots will be when you leave home."

Construction begins from next year, with the project expected to wrap up 2019.