Paper set to cut delivery workforce

From July 1st.

Paper set to cut delivery workforce

UPDATE, 10AM: Confirmation today that dozens of Coasties are set to be out of a job come next month, with NewsCorp deciding to hire Warner's Bay-based shipping company Novadel to distribute local paper the Central Coast Express Advocate.

The move affects about 180 people employed as walkers and drivers, with Novadel's contract taking effect on July 6.

"Novadel has informed NewsLocal that any contractor currently engaged... can make application to offer their services with Novadel (if) there are vacant positions..." NewsCorp says in a letter to current employees (below). It's understood Novadel will employee 35 people to service the entire region.

Today also marks the last day Coasties will be able to read a Friday edition of the local paper. From next Thursday, the Express becomes a single weekly edition , while dedicated Gosford and Wyong area papers are also being scrapped.