Speed limit to drop near Blue Haven Way

Link Rd intersection.

Speed limit to drop near Blue Haven Way

The Speed limit on Motorway link road past blue haven way is set to drop from 100 to 80, following an RMS review.

The review considered a 2km section of road from west of the M1 connection to the west of Thompson Vale Road.

It was completed as a result of requests from the community, and follows the death of 20 year old San Remo woman Sally McNab at the Intersection on January 10th this year.

The speed limit changes will also follow right hand turns out of Blue Haven way onto Link Road being banned in May.

In justifying its decision, the RMS said there were two intersections along the stretch of road that didn't meet the sight distance requirements for a 100kph zone, and there have been 29 crashes at the location in the past 5 years.

There is also no merge lane.